IBF Launches Its New Season of Silk Road Champions Tournament in Macau

2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament will be launched on August 5th in Macau. The tournament is not only the starting game of the IBF B&R 2018 season, but also the most important war of the Macau’s biggest sports festival —— Wushu Masters Challenge.

IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament is a professional boxing tournament that IBF launched in China for servicing fighters in the Belt and Road area. The tournament is presented by Rejoy Group and co-hosted by IBF and People.cn, one the China’s authoritative media group.

As the world's top professional boxing organization, IBF responded to China's "Belt and Road" initiative actively and established China-based IBF B&R Region in last year. Themed with the Belt and Road, IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament aims to enhance the trans-national, trans-cultural and trans-fields development, and to share the achievements of economy and social development.

( Photo:2017 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament·Wynn Palace Celebrity Event ended perfectly.)

This August, IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament enters into its second season. In the coming event, IBF Asian Champion Hu Die will compete with a Ukrainian fighter Olena Medvedenko over IBF SRC Female Featherweight Semifinal, newly IBF China Champion Gao Shuxin will fight with Thailand fighter Phanom Phoyaem over IBF SRC Middleweight Semifinal. Meanwhile, Chinese Macau fighter Micael Ferreras Olfindo will compete with Chinese Hongkong fighter Siu Tin Raymund Chau over IBF B&R Junior Lightweight Contender Fight.

 In the last season, Chinese fighters including Sun Xiangxiang, Xie Lili, Chen Sen, Zhao Jun and Russian fighters including Alexander Kotov, Ruslan Khamikoev, Olga Gurova, Madiyar Zhanuzak have won the IBF B&R golden belts respectively for the first time. The completion of the first season symbols that fighters from Belt and Road area possess the opportunity to challenge the world champions and even go further.

IBF President Daryl J. Peoples said, since the foundation of IBF B&R, IBF Silk Road Champion has gained positive response and support from the Belt and Road area including China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Philippines. The quality and quantity of the events have been improved quickly and obviously. Nowadays, boxing has become one of the most popular sports in the area.

The event is also a big party for the elites from all walk of life who are interested in boxing. The splendid platform where is much suitable for holding weigh-in ceremony, the ring with round dining table surrounded, celebrities with swallow-tailed coats and black ties and evening dresses are all the symbols of the Wynn Palace Celebrity Event·2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament. Through combing the spirit of both boxing and gentry, the game will also provide the presents a good chance to revisit heroism .

In addition, this year, the Wynn Palace Celebrity Event·2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament will be the most important part of Macau's annual sports and culture festival -- Wulin Masters Challenge which is sponsored by Macau Special Administrative Region Government and Wushu General Association of Macau and will be held between August 2nd and 5th. Through the sincere cooperation between IBF and Macau Government, the value of Macau as the new ‘ Capital of Boxing’ is becoming bigger and bigger.