China and Philippines will Strengthen Sports Communication and Cooperation

IBF Belt & Road Region (IBF B&R), the Games and Amusements Board of Philippines (GAB), and Rejoy Group have signed a strategic agreement in Wynn Palace Cotai to enhance the all-round communication and cooperation of sports between China and Philippines on August 5th, 2018.

(From left to right: Yang Peng, Director of Rejoy Group, Abraham Kahlil MITRA, the Chairman of GAB,  Anibal Miramontes, President of IBF Ranking Committee, Wang Ruihang, President of IBF B&R, Daryl J. Peoples, IBF President and Andrew Lu, Vice president of Rejoy Group

The three sides promised to jointly strengthen the exchange of professional boxers and coaches between two nations via IBFs brand competition. GAB will improve the competitive level of boxers from the both nations through actively participating IBF Silk Road Champions, holding Sino-Philippines Friendly Boxing Games and organizing boxing training camps etc,. Meanwhile, the two nations will co-hold and promote IBF Silk Road Champions in two countries.


Founded in 2017, IBF B&R is a regional professional boxing organization of International Boxing Federation (IBF). So far, IBF B&R is made up of approximately 70 countries spanning from Asia, through Africa and the Middle East, to the Baltic and Europe. As the international sports organization which firstly respond to the Belt and Road Initiate, IBF B&R aims to promote boxing in the Belt and Road region, and offers boxers within the region a high-end platform for professional development, provides new development opportunity for boxing industry, and presents more affluent sports shows for peoples in the region as well.

GAB is the government-ran regulatory body of professional sports in the Philippines. GAB regulates and supervises professional sports and allied activities to combat and prevent the existence and proliferation of illegal bookie joints and other forms of organized illegal gambling connected with all play-for-pay sports and amusement games. It exercises supervision and regulation over the operation and conduct of the above mentioned professional sports and their activities in order to promote and maintain orderly, honest and fair conduct of games; provide protection to the betting public and patrons, practicing licensees in the professional sport concerned; and make professional sports activities a stable base for revenue generation.

Rejoy, as an integrating and operating organization of sports entertainment resources with 10 years experiences of brand building It has recently focused on sports entertainment industry, particularly in boxing. Rejoy has the long-term business running rights of IBF, one of the top four world professional boxing organizations, in Greater China and the Belt & Road regions. It made Rejoy became a current domestic commercial institution which owns the most integrating top international sports IP and the most systematic marketing operation. Until the beginning of 2018, Rejoy has produced and promoted more than 70 professional boxing events in the season of 2017, and drew series of TV and new media ratings records.

Wang Ruihang, the president of IBF B&R, said, since the establishment of IBF B&R in last year, it has gained positive response from many countries including Russia, Japan, Thailand, South and North Korea and Philippines. He said:” As the world fame professional boxing organization, IBF aims to promote boxing worldwide. As for IBF B&R, we aim to strengthen communication among countries and to enhance the boxers’ competitiveness in Belt and Road area. I think IBF B&R’ strategic cooperation with Philippines Government is the practice of the IBF’s development concept. We will take this as a starting point to better promote the exchanges between two nations, to further enhance the competitive level of the boxers, and to provide more exciting boxing for the fans.”

Abraham Kahlil MITRA, the chairman of GAB, said: “China’s professional boxing industry develops fast in recently years. We hope both sides can have further communication and interaction, popularize boxing culture through this cooperation. We are looking forward to see the IBF Silk Road Champion to be held in Philippines as soon as possible and we hope we can improve two nations’ and even Asian boxing industry develop better and faster through our cooperation.

Andrew Lu, the senior Vice President of Rejoy, said, the company will continuously hold the tournament with high standards by adhering to the goal of global vision, international quality and dynamic vitality. He said, the tournament will combine the nation’s condition, city culture and folk customs when it enters into the different countries and cities.  It will not only providing local boxers a platform for showing their strength, but also offers the country and city a chance to demonstrate its results of social and economic development.