2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament will be held on Nov. 3


2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament & IBF Asia Championship will be held in Beijing Xiedao Resort for celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative being proposed.

    16 fighters from 8 countries will gather in Beijing, they will present a gorgeous visual feast for boxing fans from countries along the Belt and Road area. The game is also a return of IBF's top-level event two years after the IBF World Champions was held in the Capital in 2016.

    The main competition of the game is a title fight of IBF Asia Championship which is a fight between Chinese boxer Sun Xiangxiang and Philippines boxer Roldan Aldea. Sun Xiangxiang is the holder of both IBF China and IBF B&R Champion, if he could be able to win the competition, he will be the holder of three IBF champion titles.

    Besides the above title fight, there are 6 semifinals. Among them, those who represent their nation to come to fight for the first time on the ring of 2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament are also longing for winning the honor for both their county and themselves. Once they win the game, they will go further to compete in the finals of the tournament.

    The only female bout in the game is between Sopo Kintsurashvili (Georgia) and Snezhanna Tsarikaeva (Russia). Will the Georgian fighter could be able to defeat the opponent from boxing power, it's really interesting to see. While Thailand fighter Sitthidet Banti will compete with Mongolian fighter Gankhuyag Ganzorig for verifying which boxing technique will be better between Southern and Northern Asia, Uzbekistani fighter Dostonbek Turdiev will challenge Russian fighter Karen Tevosyan for showing boxing strength having no country difference, Austrian fighter Steve Gago will face the severe threat from Philippines counterpart James Enterina.

     The war is approaching, who will be lucky to gain the pass of the 2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament Finals, please come and see!

When: 14:0017:00 (Afternoon fight), 19:3022:30 (Night fight)

Tickets: For booking the ticket, please visit IBF Wechat accountIBoxingF or Click https://weidian.com/?userid=1386909555&spider_token=69dd&spider=user_center.index.header.1

Telephone: 400 775 8880.

Where: Pavilion No. 3, Xiedao Resort, Chaoyang District (朝阳区蟹岛度假村3号馆)    

Bus Line: Take 641 at Sanyuanqiao and get off at the East Gate of Xiedao Resort

Driving Route: Take the following map for reference