IBF B&R’s Forum on Integrated Development of Sports & Economy Focus on New Mode of Sports Industry

On October 28 2017, the Forum of Integrated Development of Sports & Economy in B&R Region was held in Wynn Palace. The forum, co-hosted by IBF and sports.people.com.cn, aims to respond the “Belt and Road” initiative advocated by Chinese Government. Depending on the useful experience in Macau, the forum discussed the interregional, intercultural and interdisciplinary development between sports and tourism, exhibition, creation and entertainment, and to build a way to realize co-construction, sharing and win-win of all participants. The forum gained strong support from Wynn Palace. 

IBF President Daryl J. Peoples, IBF B&R President Wang Ruihang, CEO of Sports.people.com.cn Zhu Kai, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of the Macao Tourism Service Association Liu Yahuang, Peking University Sports Science Research Institute Deputy Director He Wenyi, founder of infund.com Niu Gensheng were present at the forum which was hosted by the Senior VP of Rejoy International Lu Hailang. The guests discussed deeply on the following three aspects: integrated development of sport, leisure and entertainment in Macau, development trend of sports and new media as well as the new development mode of Chinese sports in new age.

Liu Yahuang, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of the Macao Tourism Service Associatio, said Macau’s GDP ranks top among other cities in the world under the support from the Chinese Central Government and efforts from all parties. The city’s tourism is now enjoying the new development stage now. Macau has world’s top hardware facilities, privileged location and convenient traffic condition. With the fast development of sports industry in China, Macau is also greatly improving the integrated development of sports and tourism. Macau aims to keep its  competitive position as a popular tourist destination in the world.

Sports can beyond the boundary. Integrated development of sports and other industries can add more values to different industries. Tourism also needs diversified engines to boost itself, so tourism themed with sports can not only build a new name card of the city, but also inject spirit of sports to the city. The IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament and the CCTV New Year Cup IBF World Championship are now helping the city dig more potential to develop itself, and head forward to goal of being “the World Center of Tourism and Leisure” and the new “World Center of Boxing”.

The CEO of Sports.people.com.cn said, Chairman Xi Jinping pays much attention to the development of both competitive sports and mass sports. The national documents about sports he instructed have reached over 100. Now sports Industry is not only the hot words in the country, but also the flag of Chinese economy transition. As one of the main topics of Chinese economy development in new age, Sports is also a new highlight in media development. Media’s value is restructuring now in the new era. The integrated developing is also the direction for sports media.

Zhu said, the forum and the IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament Inaugural Fight is People Sports’ first attempt in professional boxing field. He said: “IBF enjoys worldwide fame, it has excellent boxers and rich content of games. People Sports also think highly of Chinese professional boxing market. In the next step, both sides will cultivate Chinese sports brand based on respective advantages and to run IBF China Professional Boxing Tournament and IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament well in order to promote the stable development of Chinese professional boxing sports.”

He added, there is special historical meaning that the IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament Inaugural Fight was held in Macau, as the city is an important point on “Maritime Silk Road”. Nowadays, Macau has a great impact and plays an irreplaceable role on the 21st century Maritime Silk Road especially.  With good location and institutional merits, Macau will definitely have a huge potential and bright future.

At the end, He Wenyi, the Deputy Director of Sports Industry Research Institute of Peking University decoded the mode of sports development under the “Belt and Road” strategy. He said, the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that the main contradiction of Chinese society nowadays has been transformed from “the contradiction between the people’s growing material & cultural needs and the backward social productive forces" to "the contradiction between the people’s growing needs to live a better life and the unequal and imbalance development of the society". The key point is transformed from the “developing the productive forces” to “providing a better platform of life and content”.

In the new era, leisure sports and leisure lifestyle have become the most important content of a well-off society. He said that people are now chasing after the diversified and different life, so the content of leisure must be individual and diversified. So the wonderful content of IBF Silk Road Championship will contribute the construction of a “Super Macau”. The game provides local people and those along the “Belt and Road” area affluent sports and cultural products which will meet their expectation of enjoy the high qualify professional games.

On the occasion, the participants actively offered their advices and suggestions on the integrated development of sports and economy; they also made constructive suggestions on Macau’s sports+tourism, sports+cultural creation and sports+entertainment.